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Ancient Age

National Archaeological Museum and Archaeological Area of Sperlonga

Sperlonga (LT)

National Archaeological Museum and Archaeological Area of Sperlonga

In 1957, workmen constructing the Terracina/Gaeta coast road made an exceptional discovery. A few hundred metres south of Sperlonga, they uncovered an archaeological site that was soon to be identified as the Villa of Tiberius, Emperor from 14 to 37 CE.

The oldest part of the villa, a series of terraces overlooking the sea, dates back to the late Republican age. Nowadays the site is known for its fishponds and the large grotto where now famous sculptural groups were found. They illustrated scenes from the Odyssey. The most renowned and impressive among these are the blinding of Polyphemus and the monster Scylla attacking Odysseus’ ship.



Via Flacca KM 16.300, Sperlonga (LT), entrance on Via Valle Corsara.


8:30am to 7:30pm (last admission  7pm)

Area archeologica
gennaio: ultimo ingresso ore 15:30 (chiusura ore 16:30)
febbraio e marzo*: ultimo ingresso ore 16:00 (chiusura ore 17:00)
da aprile a settembre: ultimo ingresso 18:00 (chiusura ore 19:00)
ottobre*: ultimo ingresso ore 17:00 (chiusura ore 18:00)
novembre e dicembre: ultimo ingresso 15:00 (chiusura ore 16:00)
*Fino al cambio dell’ora legale/solare

Si avvisano i gentili visitatori che la Sala Polifemo del Museo archeologico nazionale e area archeologica di Sperlonga rimarrà chiusa al pubblico fino al 15 marzo 2024 per consentire lavori di manutenzione straordinaria sulle coperture del museo.
Scusandoci per il disagio, ci auguriamo che i lavori in corso possano per la primavera restituirvi un museo più bello ed accogliente.


Lunedì, martedì
1 gennaio, 25 dicembre salvo aperture straordinarie su progetto MiC.
In caso di condizioni meteo avverse l'area archeologica rimane chiusa.


Intero € 7,00
Intero solo Museo € 5,00 (valido negli orari di chiusura dell'area archeologica)
Agevolato € 2,00 (dai 18 ai 25 anni), fatte salve le agevolazioni previste dal regolamento di ingresso ai luoghi della cultura italiani, consultabili nel sito web del MiC.
Gratuito (da 0 a 18 anni)

Circuito Sperlonga - Formia: ingresso al Museo Archeologico Nazionale e Area Archeologica di Sperlonga e al Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Formia al prezzo intero di € 10,00. Il biglietto è valido per 30 giorni dalla data di emissione.

Dal 16 dicembre è attivo il servizio di e-ticketing sull'app "Musei Italiani", disponibile su Play Store e su App Store.


Groups of 30 people plus the guide are allowed to enter. Reservations are required for groups by writing to .

Length of visit:

1 hour/1 hour 30 minutes

Tips for your visit:

Comfortable shoes, water and a hat during the Summer months. In the museum there are vending machines for water, snacks and hot drinks.
 Photography is allowed without flash.For professional photos with a tripod, written permission is required

How to get there:

Sperlonga does not have its own train station. The nearest one is in Fondi.
The museum is outside the town and can be reached from it by an equipped trail (which can be walked in about 15 minutes).
The best way to reach the site is by car.


The museum does not have its own parking lot.
In the summer season, private paid parking spaces are available in the immediate vicinity.
A bus parking area, however, is located in front of the museum. People with mobility disabilities can park inside the museum (for safety reasons, opening the gate must be requested from the reception staff).


The archaeological area is not accessible to people with motor disabilities, in the museum there is a toilet for children equipped with a changing table.