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The Regional Directorate of Lazio's Museums coordinates and promotes state museums on a regional level, encouraging collaboration with other territories to improve the quality of service.

La Direzione Regionale Musei Lazio (ex Polo Museale) nasce nel 2014 con la riforma del Ministero della cultura, con l’obiettivo di potenziare le attività di valorizzazione dei musei italiani.

Coordinated by the Directorate-General for Museums, the Regional Directorate has the task of bringing together state owned cultural sites on the local territory, to ensure that museums, monuments and archaeological areas remain open to the public with a guaranteed standardised degree of excellence.

In collaboration with the ministerial Superintendencies, and both regional and local bodies, it encourages the expansion of the museums’ permanent collections, the organisation of temporary exhibitions and the cataloguing, study and restoration of the objects to be displayed, as well as explaining and promoting the region’s cultural heritage.

By defining common strategies and goals, collaboration with the region’s other cultural bodies is encouraged, with the aim of creating cultural and tourist itineraries, and for educational and technological creativity.

It works to encourage the active participation of visitors and maximise access to the museums that house the archaeological, artistic and historical heritage of Lazio.


What the Regional Museums Directorate does


Coordinates the state museums and places of culture in Lazio

The major museum sites of the region, in close contact with the museum directors, are involved/united in a single common plan, for their management, development, communication and promotion of any activities of Lazio’s museum system.


Ensures public access to the region’s cultural heritage

The Regional Directorate guarantees the public community’s satisfaction, using Lazio’s state run museums to organise and manage the services offered to the public.


Collaborates with the Superintendencies, local authorities, Municipalities and local cultural associations

The network that unites the region’s state museums and places of culture reaches out to local and territorial bodies in a communal process of cultural corroboration and expansion.


Develop the region's cultural heritage

It promotes the cultural expansion of the region through strategic plans for the cultural development of the area in collaboration with state and local bodies.


Organizes exhibitions and cultural events

It encourages and organises exhibitions and events of cultural interest.


Guarantees the quality and uniformity of services

It ensures high standards of quality in management and communication, in didactic and technological innovations in museums and places of culture under its wing.


Promotes study and research

It stimulates the involvement and contributions to scientific research as part of a program of cultural initiatives carried out by Lazio’s state museums.


Promotes cultural itineraries

Working with local bodies and institutions to piece together a sequence of sites and services on tourist/cultural itineraries.


Works to connect urban centres with their outskirts

Bringing together the region’s major state run museums in a network that encourages the correlation between centres and their suburbs, open to all those who love the beauty and culture of Lazio.


Encourage active participation

Promotes and manages awareness projects and public fundraising campaigns in support of cultural heritage.


Dr. Stefano Petrocchi

Graduated and specialised at the Sapienza University of Rome in History of Modern and Medieval Art, won a research doctorate at the Faculty of Conservation of Cultural Heritage of the Tuscia University in Viterbo, where he gave courses in History of Modern Art and Catalogueing of Cultural Heritage as a contracted Professor. Since 1990 he has been the history of art editor for the Enciclopedia Italiana Treccani, with the publication of numerous contributions and the drafting of encyclopaedic papers on works of art. Specialised in Rome and Lazio’s Renaissance painting, he has published essays and articles in national and international journals. He was curator of the Antoniazzo Romano exhibition (2013-14) held on behalf of the Superintendence of Rome at Palazzo Barberini, and published the volume “Fifteenth Century Painting of the Caetani Feuds” (2013). In service since 1986 at the Superintendency for Artistic and Historical Heritage of Rome, he mainly dealt with catalogueing, and was an officer in charge of districts in the city centre, directing of the restoration of various churches in the area. Since 2017 he has been director of the Benedictine Monasteries of Subiaco, the Annunziata Chapel of Cori, Cicero’s Tower in Arpino, the House of San Thomas di Aquinas, the Abbey of San Nilo in Grottaferrata, the Abbey of Fossanova, the Casamari Abbey and the Studies and Catalogue Office of the Lazio Museum Complex.

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