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Ancient Age

Archaeological Museum of Agro Falisco - Forte Sangallo

Civita Castellana (VT)

Archaeological Museum of Agro Falisco - Forte Sangallo

The Archaeological Museum of Agro Falisco – Forte Sangallo is housed inside the fortress of the same name. This was a prestigious military emplacement ordered by Alexander VI Borgia in 1495. Antonio da Sangallo the Elder was put in charge of its construction. During Pope Julius II’s reign, the work was continued by his nephew, Antonio da Sangallo the Younger. It was seen as one of the most important military works of the time. The fort was a papal residence until the early 1800s, when it was adapted as a prison. During the Second World War it became a refuge for numerous displaced persons.

Since 1977 it has housed the Archaeological Museum of Agro Falisco. The museum’s nine rooms were originally used as the papal apartment on the main floor of the building. The exhibits are laid out in topographical and chronological order, presenting evidence from the ancient Faliscan territory.



Via del Forte, 01033, Civita Castellana (VT)


8:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. (last admission 6:00 p.m.) Tuesday through Sunday


Jan. 1, Dec. 25, except for special openings on MiC project.


Free entrance.


Free entrance to the building for a maximum of 30 visitors at a time.
Groups are strongly advised to book: Groups are limited to 25 + guide.
The visit includes the sala rotonda, cortile minore, cortile maggiore and the museum (large museum and small museum).

Length of visit:

45m /1 hour

Tips for your visit:

Comfortable shoes. There are no drinking fountains or cafeteria services inside.
Photography is allowed.

How to get there:

The train station, on the Roma-Viterbo line, is 700 metres away. The cotral bus stop is 500 metres away.


Ample free parking 200 metres away (Via del Velvedere Falerii Veteres - SP 76). Just outside the fortress there is paid parking.


Access to the museum and courtyard is by elevator.