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Archaeological District and Antiquarium of Minturnae and Ponte Real Ferdinando

Minturno (LT)

Archaeological District and Antiquarium of Minturnae and Ponte Real Ferdinando

The archaeological area of Minturnae lies about two kilometres from the mouth of the River Garigliano, on its right bank. It provides us with a singular chance to piece together the history of southern Lazio between Republican Rome and Imperial times.

An important urban stretch of the Via Appia runs across the archaeological site, flanked by numerous buildings with political, civil and religious functions. A rich collection of inscriptions and statues are on display in the basement rooms of the Roman theatre.



Via Ferdinando II di Borbone, s.n.c. - 04026 Minturno (LT)


Area archeologica: 8.30-16.00 (invernale), 8.30-19.00 (estivo);
Antiquarium: 8.30-19.30


Lunedì e martedì,
1 gennaio, 25 dicembre


Full € 5.00
Reduced € 2.00 (18 to 25 years old).
Free ticket in the cases provided by the entrance regulations to Italian cultural places, which can be consulted on the MiC website.

Starting from January 1, 2023, the ticket type "Cassino - Minturno Circuit" has been established, which includes admission to the National Archaeological Museum "G. Carettoni" and Archaeological Area of Casinum and the Archaeological District and Antiquarium of Minturnae at the full price of €8.00. The ticket is valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

Tickets can be bought from the Minturnae Archaeological Area ticket office in Minturno (LT).
Tickets cannot be purchased online.

According to Decree Law June 1, 2023, No. 61, Art. 14, extended by Decree Law Aug. 10, 2023, No. 105, Art. 10, from June 15 to Dec. 15, the indicated rates will be increased by 1 euro to support the flooded areas of Emilia Romagna.


Telephone: +39 0771 680093


Visits are permitted on the basis of current regulations. In the event of a visit for large groups, it is advisable to notify well in advance. In order to protect the exhibits and monuments, animals are not allowed (in both the Archaeological Area and the Minturnae Antiquarum).

Length of visit:

2 hours/4 hours

Tips for your visit:

Comfortable shoes, water.

Please note that: once any necessary checks have been done, the following activities are free, provided they are carried out on a non-profit basis, not even indirectly but for purposes of study, research, free expression of thought or creative expression and promotion of knowledge of the cultural heritage:
1) the reproduction of objects without any physical contact, nor their exposure to light sources, nor the use of stands or tripods; 
2)  the dissemination by any means of the cultural heritage images, legitimately acquired, so that they cannot be further reproduced by the user except, possibly, in low digital resolution.
As far as shooting with drones is concerned, a specific request must be submitted to DRM Lazio.

How to get there:

The entrance to the Archaeological District of Minturnae is located on the right bank of the Garigliano river, near the Real Ferdinando bridge.


Inside the Archaeological District of Minturnae there is a parking lot (free and unattended), capable of accommodating motorbikes, cars and coaches.


The Archaeological District of Minturnae is partially accessible to the disabled. The Minturnae Antiquarium (set up in the substructures of the Roman Theatre) is accessible to the disabled.