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Ancient Age

Roman Ship Museum

Nemi (RM)

Roman Ship Museum

The Roman Ship Museum was built between 1933 and 1939 to house two enormous barges that belonged to the Emperor Caligula (37-41 CE). They were recovered from the waters of the lake between 1929 and 1931. It was the first Italian museum to be built to expressly house its contents. The two hulls measured 71.30 by 20 metres and 73 by 24 metres. Unfortunately they were destroyed during a fire in 1944. Reopened in 1953, the Museum was again closed in 1962 until it finally reopened for good in 1988.

In the new layout, the left wing is dedicated to the ships, from which some items are on display, such as the reconstruction of the roof with bronze tiles, two anchors, the covering of the bow wheel, some original or reconstructed ship's equipment (a wheel, a piston pump, a block, a platform on ball bearings).

Two models of the ships, in a 1:5 scale, are also on show, as well as a full-scale reconstruction of the aft of the first ship, on which the bronze copies of the boxes with feral, head shaped protomes have been positioned.

The right wing is dedicated to the population of the territory around Lake Albano during Republican and Imperial times. There is particular emphasis on places of worship; there are votive materials from Velletri (S. Clemente), Campoverde (Latina) from Genzano (Pantanacci stipe) and the Sanctuary of Diana in Nemi, as well as materials from the Ruspoli Collection.

Inside this wing it is also possible to admire a musealized stretch of Roman paving from the clivus Virbii, the Roman road that led from Ariccia to the Sanctuary of Diana.



Via Diana, 13-15, 00040, Nemi (RM)


9am to 7pm (last entry 6pm)


January 1, December 25


Full € 5.00
Reduced € 2.00

Palestrina - Nemi Circuit": full price € 12.00 - includes admission to the National Archaeological Museum Prenestino, Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia and Complex of the Buildings of the Forum of Praeneste and the Museum of Roman Ships of Nemi. The ticket is valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

Dal 1° novembre è attivo il servizio di e-ticketing sull'app "Musei Italiani", disponibile su Play Store e su App Store.


Booking is not necessary, but is recommended for groups and schools.

Length of visit:

1 h

Tips for your visit:

Comfortable shoes are recommended for the visit.
There is a vending machine for drinks and snacks inside the Museum.
Photos can be taken in the Museum for personal use, without the use of professional equipment.

How to get there:

It is recommended to use the via Appia up to Genzano and then go down to the lake via Via Diana.


In front of the Museum, not regulated.


All of the the Museum is accessible to disabled.