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Middle Ages

Monastery of San Benedetto

Subiaco (Rome)

 Monastery of San Benedetto

The Monastery of San Benedetto or Sacro Speco is nestled into the slopes of Monte Taleo, housing the cave of Saint Benedict’s hermitage. From the earliest of times it has been a place of devotion to the Saint. Its artistic heritage includes a splendid series of paintings from the eighth to the seventeenth century, including an early thirteenth century living image of Saint Francis, the first. There is also a complex series of cycles from the fourteenth and early fifteenth century in the upper churches, at the top of the so-called Scala Santa.

The cave of San Benedetto is home to a statue of the Saint, praying, made by Antonio Raggi, Bernini's first pupil, in 1657.



Largo San Benedetto, 1, 00028 Subiaco (RM)


6.30am to 12.15pm, 3.30pm to 6.15pm


Free entrance.

Length of visit:

1 h

Tips for your visit:

Photography is allowed.

How to get there:

Private vehicle.


Free parking nearby.