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Middle Ages

Church of San Pietro

Tuscania (VT)

Church of San Pietro

The church of San Pietro in Tuscania stands on the hill of the same name and dates back to the 11th -XII century. It faces between the episcopal palace and three mighty defense towers, a reminder of the strategic importance of the area until the 14th century. The church, with three naves, of which the central one has an exceptional floor of the Cosmatesque school, is punctuated inside by columns with capitals of various forms and origins. The crypt, below the chancel, has nine naves supported columns and capitals all of which are bare.

The episcope houses fragments of frescoes recovered after the apsidal area collapsed following the earthquake that devastated Tuscania in 1971.



Località Colle San Pietro, 01017, Tuscania (VT)


10am to 1pm, 3pm to 5pm




Free entrance.


Telephone: +39 347 8838069


For groups, reservations are always required.
The number of people present in a group cannot exceed 15 including the guide.
The simultaneous presence of 30 people in the church is not allowed.